You and I have God’s image. This truth is fundamental to Jews, and Christians. The image of God in man is the basis for Christmas! The divine image was placed in Adam and Eve, and hence all humans in the garden by God himself, this is a truth oft forgotten. People are special in relation to God. We are His special creation! We have the unique potential to reflect His image. This truth and reality makes Christmas possible in our lives if the image of God is restored.Without the image of God in humans Christmas would have been impossible! The Son of God could not dwell as a man on Earth unless a man could reflect God’s image. Jesus was perfect. God displayed the fullness of His deity in the birth, life, death, and Resurrection of Christ. Messiah was born as a baby to bring hope, forgiveness and joy to all, for the duration of our lives (birth, mid-life, later years, death, and after death). If we embrace Him the image of God in our lives can be fully restored and so reflect His image. For this reason we have great Joy!


Sharing this hope is the purpose of this ministry.  We want young people to know comfort and God’s Joy. Most young people know nothing of these truths.  Death, divorce, abandonment, and other losses) gets their attention and allows us a hearing of the above truths in the context of a relationship of caring and support. People begin to search for meaning of both life and death when they are confronted with loss. Being with those who need comfort in loss (in our groups or individually) allows me to guide them in this journey we call life. Please pray for opportunities in the lives of young people both those I know now and those I will meet in the coming weeks, months, and years. We want them to have this image of God restored in their lives, so that they can reflect His image all the days of their lives. We have been doing this now for 15 years.

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